France: Yellow Vests breakdown the doors of government building, Officials evacuated


Yellow Vest demonstrators used a forklift to breakdown the doors of a government compound on Saturday. A government spokesperson said he and his team had to escape through a back door and take refuge in a nearby hotel when protesters broke through the front doors.

This weekend marked the 8th consecutive Saturday of demonstrations. The first Yellow Vest demonstration of 2019. The protests saw a lull during the holidays, but Saturday’s numbers were up and demonstrators were more energized.

The yellow vest protests were sparked by a fuel tax in November has escalated into widespread anger over Macron government’s policies and fury over the rising costs of living.

More than 50,000 people protested across France on Saturday.

Photo: “Les Gilets Jaunes” by Patrice…

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Venezuela-ALBA Weekly 12.28.2018 Statements from ALBA 16th Summit

A New Year’s Blockade Outside a Child Detention Camp

We have our humanity. Let’s use it together!

Transformative Spaces

(Photo: Christmas in Tornillo)

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Around 6:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, activists with Christmas in Tornillo: The Occupation set up a blockade during a shift change that halted 20 charter buses carrying workers into the Tornillo detention camp. Organizers of the protest say 3,000 children are being held at the detention camp, which activists refer to as a “concentration camp.”

The blockade included a Christmas Tree made from water jugs that had been slashed by border control and numerous containers of water. The jugs were originally placed in the desert to help migrants survive their journey to the United States. Organizers say jugs were recovered by No Más Muertes after being destroyed by border control.

The shift change was disrupted for an hour by the blockade before police turned the buses around. When the police attempted to remove the blockade…

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6. Good structure is made of desire.


You probably learned in high school how to structure an essay: “Say what you’re going to say, say it, then say you’ve said it.”

For high school students, this is a reasonable instruction. It helps them learn to organize their thoughts instead of just pouring their stream of consciousness onto the paper. It also makes essays easier to grade.

Just in case you missed day one of these gifts for writers: You’re not in high school anymore. You can outgrow the high school rule. Your readers aren’t there to grade you. They’re there because of desire.

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Let’s Live Now: Reflections on 2018

Transformative Spaces

A puppet peers over the fence of the Tornillo detention facility at the U.S.-Mexico Border, where activists say 3,000 migrant children are being held. (Photo: Lisa Fithian)

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At this time last year, many of us were clamoring for the end of a terrible year. As 2018 comes to a close, we are no less discontent, but I have seen far less enthusiasm about the new year as a means of leaving the old. Instead, there is a subdued grumbling afoot — a sense that we are all simply going through the motions, as we stumble through a world beyond our control. After all, what does it mean to celebrate the arrival of a new year, amid so much darkness? Celebrating the passage of time, when we have only 11 years left to stop the clock on climate change, feels…

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Shut It Down

57 Years

I was eleven when a 16-year-old man molested me. I told my mother and we took it through the court system. I wish we hadn’t. I felt so small in a large courtroom with my braids tightly wound. I entered the unreality that was adult trauma. That was 57 years ago.

When I was 16, the hormonal curiosities fell upon me, weighted like my molester’s sweaty frame entrapping me. Sex, a dirty, unwanted, urgent aversion consigned me to frivolous behavior of fever-pressed imperatives to shake free sexual negativity. I tried to erase foul, obscene, indecent thoughts from my soul. That was 51 years ago.­­

In my twenties, countless men delighted in my frenzy with orgies, binges, and debauchery. Quite suddenly, my mania ceased to drive me to the edge. I felt despondent and depressed, to the point of suicide attempts and isolation. That was 46 years ago.

Six years later, I enjoyed the company of my son’s father to be, who respected me as I respected him, and I became pregnant. That was 40 years ago.

Motherhood taught me self-importance, appreciation, and strength to persevere in my trials as a single mother. Sexuality no longer seizes my attention. That is now.

For the past 57 years, I relive the moment of my violation when I was eleven. Every time the news focuses on a new sexual abuse, I relive the moment. Every time the abusers get away, I relive the stark helplessness I felt when I was eleven. EVERY TIME!

I will not say that I relived this foulness 57 times; it is more like a multiple of 57, probably more than one per year. The judicial system does not appreciate this. It perceives that th­­­­e crime is over. The crime is NEVER OVER!

What did my violator get for a sentence? Probation. 57 years ago.

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