C4 closes May 31, 2015 and need for mental health services safety net in metropolitan areas


We Don’t Need No Thought Control

A Buick in the Land of Lexus


Our kids are in CRISIS.

I work with teenagers in an affluent suburban area.

They don’t comprehend what they read. They use calculators to multiply 10 x 10. The average high school junior has no clue what the word “diligent” means.

They write essays resembling those of a 5th grader. About how Albert Einstein discovered electricity.

In tests administered in reading, science and math to 15 year-olds globally, we are behind TWENTY NINE countries in math. And our kids’ performance in reading and science is  not much better. And yet, American investment in education is unrivaled, globally.

Are you scared yet?

We lead the world in the consumption of illegal recreational drugs. And one of the chief sales outlets?


Our teenage suicide rate is the highest in the world.

EVERY DAY there are over 5,400 suicide attempts by kids in grades 7 – 12.

NOW are you scared?

The two places teenagers…

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I am a knight,
Amidst our plight
Whether spite or blight.

I take a bite,
Despite tight-fists’ white fright.

Kite flight to height,
Sprite wings to light white.

March, march, march.
Fight, fight, fight.
Trudge, trudge, trudge.
Speak, yell, scream.

This feels right:
Fight, write, light then SIGHT.

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