September 11, 2001

09-11-01I wrote this during the first week of the 9/11/2015 tragedy. At the time, I lived in an effected New Jersey. In northern New Jersey, people saw the World Trade Center collapse live. Many New Jersey people had family or knew of friends I lived in southern New Jersey, where unclaimed cars remained in train parking lots/

Pilot Terror

By Kathy Powers
September 2001

Infinite reports immerse my senses,
Colossal towers melt to charred rubble,
Mighty radio transmitters relay immutable silence
Abandoned cars populate parking lot cemeteries.

A voiceless nation mutely scrambles,
Prepares never-used trauma stations,
Collects unneeded blood and organs:
Powdered remains need no nourishment.

Skyjackers, people-erasers expunge
Big Apple’s workforce to DNA dust.
Vapors spew acrid breath over
Body-part raindrops.

Tacit pandemonium watchers, struck dumb in awe,
Monitor newspeak and comprehend not,
Why terrorists airbrush NYC’s skyline in
Smoldering, sooty, steely, smoked down.


About Kathy Powers
Advocacy is my therapy. Chicago, IL

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