Depending on Casinos-The Story in Atlantic City

This caveat to Chicago, Illinois; beware the promise of revenue and gentrification from casinos!


Ken Swanson. The former IEA President who was responsible for our Senate Bill 7. “Don’t ask questions. Do what you’re told.”

Dillard: It’s blah-go-sphere!

Fred Klonsky


Well don’t that beat all?

Former IEA President Bob Haisman has recruited another ex-IEA President to join the attack on un-named members of the blogosphere who refuse to go along quietly with the leadership’s Dillard endorsement.

That  former IEA President would be Ken Swanson.

I am dismayed by those loud voices in the blogosphere who would rather rant and rave about what should have been done rather than embrace and support the efforts of IEA/IRTA/IFT to ensure we have a real choice in November. Please, pay no heed to those who would rather sling arrows than engage constructively with the reality confronting us.

That would be the Ken Swanson who told us to go along with Senate Bill 7 without debate.

And PERA, the Performance Evaluation Reform Act which tied teacher evaluation to student test performance. SB7 took away our tenure rights and our seniority rights. It included the provision…

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NEA/IEA gives Mark Kirk an “A” grade.

Mark Kirk gets an “F” for his foul remarks. His time has come. Somebody please run against him!

Fred Klonsky


I know something about giving grades.

After thirty years of being an art teacher I will admit that there is a lot that is subjective about the whole process. There are times when the line between an A grade and a B grade can be a little wiggly. The line is not so wiggly between an A grade and a failing grade.

Illinois Republican Senator Mark Kirk is a fail.

Even the Chicago Sun-Times was forced to editorialize about our Illinois Senator:

Hard to say whom Mark Kirk offended more.

When he referred to an unmarried Senate colleague on Thursday as a “bro with no ho,” he did a magnificent job of offending women.

But when he added, “That’s what we’d say on the South Side,” he did an equally terrific job of offending African-Americans.

And, of course, Kirk offended everybody else who has a problem with a woman being…

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What Chicago Schools Need and Deserve

Power concedes ....

An Absurd Proposal
Last week, I listened to reports of a State attempt to takeover Chicago Public Schools (CPS) and pave the way for bankruptcy proceedings, the way one might listen to a report of UFOs spotted over Lake Michigan.  “Is this a joke?” I thought to myself.

While the Board of Education and Chicago’s Mayor have been reckless in their management of Chicago’s schools, the State has proven itself to be far more inept. Let’s not forget that it was the state that thought it would be a good idea to give control to the mayor in the first place. It is the state whose teacher pension system is in worse shape than the Chicago pension system. It is the state that can’t pass its own budget, and it is the state that passed the legislation enabling CPS to engage in the risky borrowing practices that lost the district over…

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How to Address your State, Gov. Rauner Style


  1. First, try and smile when you have a hostile audience. Do not pause often for thunderclaps that will not happen.
  2. Secondly, keep an extremely serious tone throughout the address, even though you know that you will not factually mention change; just spin the important issues that you will not resolve.
  3. Talk in a homey type of speech by droppi’ the ‘g’s on all ‘ing’ words. This will ensure easy acceptance for uneasy information. The crowd will love this homegrown approach!
  4. Mention as many priority buzzwords like “good education,” “mental health,” “community health,” “criminal restoration,” and “good jobs.”
  5. NEVER, EVER even imply any state responsibility for any of the priority initiatives.
  6. Tell the legislators to pass your bills instead of askin’ them. This is very important to stay in total control of the law writin’ process.
  7. Slam the unions in any way possible, even namin’ names like AFSCME to blame the state’s fundin’ inadequacies on them. Name names of offensive unions. Be sure and use statistics to support the idea that mighty, greedy unions break the budget. Do not mention how you will not sit down with the “AFSCME” union to negotiate a fair contract. Take a snipe at teachers’ unions without mentionin’ their names because they are not in your jurisdiction!
  8. Do not address the closin’ of the state colleges and universities, closin’s of community health centers or any of the state’s accumulated faux pas presently in play. Do not address how the state will pay back the community for services already rendered.
  9. NEVER admit blame!
  10. Only propose revenue raisin’ in terms of income taxes. Show how you think that graduated income taxes are a good idea of yours.
  11. Ignore the underwhelmin’ response by your audience. They will learn, in time.
  12. Get off the stage as quickly as possible.

Innovative Way to Reduce Stress in College

I Thought I Was Too Smart for Schizophrenia

A social worker told me that I was too smart to have mental illness because I knew what the word ‘dyslexia’ was.

Mind You

By Erin Emiru (nee Hawkes)

I have schizophrenia, they tell me. They line up my symptoms and thrust the diagnosis in my face. So here are your pills.

When I stop taking those medications I lose my grip on reality, but I don’t know this. They – my psychiatrist, a Security guard, the police – bring me to the hospital (again) and I am told (again) that I have schizophrenia.

No, I don’t. People with schizophrenia don’t have a Master’s degree in Neuroscience. I’m simply too intelligent to have schizophrenia, right?

Then why do rats eat my brain, why do Voices yell at me, and why am I being stalked by a homicidal man with a sniper gun (I’ve got proof)? I assume it is normal. I don’t have any friends and I have withdrawn from my family so no one but Them (doctors, nurses – everyone in league with the…

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