What’s behind the Rauner move? Tag teaming with Rahm to bust the CTU.

Hard ball bargaining tactics? Hard ball-breaking bargaining practices. #RecallRauner #RecallRahm #ERSB Chicagoans for an Elected School Board #CTU #AFSCME #SEIU #HB4356

Fred Klonsky


If there is any doubt as to what is behind the Rauner threat to take over the Chicago Public Schools, the governor made it clear this afternoon.

“I believe if we get involved we can take on the teachers union,” Rauner said Wednesday after participating in a blood drive at Union Station. “The mayor is afraid of them. He’s not taking them on. He caved in the teachers strike four and half years ago and he’s sending the message right now he’s going to give them what they want and then say: ‘State, pay for it.’”

A criticism of Mayor Rahm?

Don’t be silly.

These two are old wine-sharing buddies.

This is the two of them doing a tag team with contract negotiations.

While Democratic Speaker Madigan and Senate President Cullerton have declared the specifics of the GOP takeover proposal dead in the water, the situation is still fluid.

Make no…

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