Cullerton’s pension bill. Something so bad even the Governor likes it.

I’m holding my breath to hear the State of the State as Governor Bully sees it!

Fred Klonsky

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Let us not forget that the Cullerton pension bill that the Governor agreed to yesterday was SB2404. That was the “good pension theft” that the IEA and the We Are One coalition of state public employee unions agreed to in a cynical and hapless attempt to stop Madigan’s SB1.

The Governor tried to add his anti-union turnaround plan to SB2404. He surely knew that wasn’t going anywhere.

His eyes are on the next election.

Yet, think about this: The pension plan our union leadership bargained is now agreeable to the Governor.

They are all running away from it now.

This is what we said at the time:

“SB 2404 is an attempt to circumvent the “Pension Clause” by giving retirees and public employees a “choice” or “new consideration” to impair their own contract for a precarious state guarantee.”

For saying this we were attacked by the state union leadership and their toadies…

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