Ken Swanson. The former IEA President who was responsible for our Senate Bill 7. “Don’t ask questions. Do what you’re told.”

Dillard: It’s blah-go-sphere!

Fred Klonsky


Well don’t that beat all?

Former IEA President Bob Haisman has recruited another ex-IEA President to join the attack on un-named members of the blogosphere who refuse to go along quietly with the leadership’s Dillard endorsement.

That  former IEA President would be Ken Swanson.

I am dismayed by those loud voices in the blogosphere who would rather rant and rave about what should have been done rather than embrace and support the efforts of IEA/IRTA/IFT to ensure we have a real choice in November. Please, pay no heed to those who would rather sling arrows than engage constructively with the reality confronting us.

That would be the Ken Swanson who told us to go along with Senate Bill 7 without debate.

And PERA, the Performance Evaluation Reform Act which tied teacher evaluation to student test performance. SB7 took away our tenure rights and our seniority rights. It included the provision…

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