Becoming a Cancer Surviver

Clayborne was fortunate to have open, honest doctors on a team that saved him. Do you trust your doctors to do the same? If not, I would change my doctors. Best of luck, Clayborne, and thank you for sharing your story!

A History of a Just & Peaceful Future

I felt a bit guilty recently when I joined the Cancer Survivors Club without paying the normal dues. Two months ago, my doctor told me that I had “lesions” on my bladder and kidney that might be cancerous. Bladder surgery in January revealed that the lesions there were benign, but kidney surgery earlier this month removed a kidney tumor that was found to be malignant. By the time I was sure I had cancer, it was gone. My doctor said I was “cancer free” and would not require further treatment.

This optimistic posting is intended to forestall erroneous rumors about my illness  (or imminent demise). The unexpurgated, dreadful details that follow are only for the truly curious.

On Christmas morning, I began peeing blood and went to Kaiser Hospital in Redwood City that afternoon for the first of a series of tests and consultations. Bloody urine (hematuria) certainly got my…

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Rauner adds his toadies to the TRS board.

Where is a bipartisan representation? Surely a Democrat could fulfill one of these seats. Pay attention to who represents our state educational system! Where are the representatives of the 99% (us)?

Fred Klonsky

Bruce Rauner


February 26, 2016

Governor Announces Appointments; Staff Hire

SPRINGFIELD ­ Governor Bruce Rauner announced he has made appointments to the Illinois Board of Higher Education and Illinois Teachers Retirement System Board. 

Name: Tom Cross

Position: Chairman ­ Illinois Board of Higher EducationGovernor Bruce Rauner  has appointed former State Representative Tom Cross as the Chairman of theIllinois Board of Higher Education. Crosss experience as a state legislator and fiscal reformer will be an asset to the board. Cross served in the Illinois General Assembly for 22 years and was the House Republican Leader from 2002-2013. He is currently a distinguished fellow at Aurora University where he promotes innovation in STEM education programs and a senior consultant at Culloton Strategies. Cross is also an attorney and a former prosecutor in the Kendall County State¹s Attorney¹s office. Cross earned his bachelors degree from Illinois Wesleyan University and his…

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The Trumpf voting base.

Scary, isn’t it?

Fred Klonsky


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New federal requirement for ADA study could become costly for city

Imagine if Chicago became accessible! The City Council will never give up their precious “TIF” funds to help anybody else.

ADA Service ADA Compliance

ADA Compliance travelA new federal requirement to study a municipality’s streets for compliance of the American Disabilities Act could be costly for cities such as Decatur.

The Federal Highway Administration and Alabama Department of Transportation are requiring local Metropolitan Planning Organizations to analyze the streets and intersections in their areas. Read more…
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21 new charter proposals to CPS doesn’t sound like there’s a cap to me.

Vampire charter schools and their proponents bleed the public school system dry!

Fred Klonsky

F15gfx_district-at-glance-771x892.jpgGraphic: Catalyst

The contract offer from CPS to the Chicago Teachers Union included a cap on charter schools.

One of the reasons I heard for rejecting the offer by the CTU’s Big Bargaining Committee was that the offer to cap charters was an empty one so long as the state’s Charter Commission could overrule the CPS board.

The skeptics on the CTU bargaining team were found to have cause yesterday as CPS received proposals for 21 new privately operated charter schools from 16 charter operators, including Noble and Kipp.

Reported the Sun-Times:

CPS publicized the letters right before February’s Board of Education meeting, during which the appointed seven members officially closed schools with enrollments that were already cleared out: Moses Montefiore Special Education School and the original Marine Math and Science Academy High School.

Wrote Catalyst:

The number of anticipated requests was somewhat surprising because some charter operators had, in recent days…

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We Made National News!


In case you didn’t see us blasting this link all over Facebook, check it out! NBC Nightly News stopped by our most recent repair clinic and featured us in a piece about the growing repair movement! Very exciting stuff, for our collective egos and for the movement!

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February 2016 Repair Clinic

There’s more here than you ever imagined!


Our youngest volunteer returns, new Fixers join our crew, and the most repaired item we’ve ever seen comes in for another re-repair!

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