Suicide Prevention – Thoughts For Practitioners

Being refused services at public mental health clinics increases the risk for suicide and is seldom tracked!

Mind You

By Dr David Laing Dawson

I have written a blog before about suicide prevention, about many of the things we do that don’t really make a difference, and about where we could and should put our resources if we want to make a difference. But this is a blog about suicide prevention on the ground.

We can talk about suicide prevention in general terms but the one and only time a health care clinician can actually prevent a suicide is when an at-risk individual is sitting in front of him or her. Your patient, new or known to you, at your office, in your clinic, at the hospital.

Some emergency and rapid response services have mandatory checklists. Most clinicians are taught to always ask the question. Many family doctors are fond of using a self-test for depression with questions like “Do you think of suicide?” with check boxes ranging from…

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