Becoming a Cancer Surviver

Clayborne was fortunate to have open, honest doctors on a team that saved him. Do you trust your doctors to do the same? If not, I would change my doctors. Best of luck, Clayborne, and thank you for sharing your story!

A History of a Just & Peaceful Future

I felt a bit guilty recently when I joined the Cancer Survivors Club without paying the normal dues. Two months ago, my doctor told me that I had “lesions” on my bladder and kidney that might be cancerous. Bladder surgery in January revealed that the lesions there were benign, but kidney surgery earlier this month removed a kidney tumor that was found to be malignant. By the time I was sure I had cancer, it was gone. My doctor said I was “cancer free” and would not require further treatment.

This optimistic posting is intended to forestall erroneous rumors about my illness  (or imminent demise). The unexpurgated, dreadful details that follow are only for the truly curious.

On Christmas morning, I began peeing blood and went to Kaiser Hospital in Redwood City that afternoon for the first of a series of tests and consultations. Bloody urine (hematuria) certainly got my…

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