Suicide Prevention: In The Real World

I found that peer-led therapy enabled me to secure my self image and improve my outlook! Peer-led therapy offers a more understanding listening and sharing of symptomatic experiences.

Mind You

By Dr David Laing Dawson

Marvin and I have written blogs about the failure of current and proposed “suicide prevention programs”, the crisis line, the gatekeeper programs, the public awareness programs. He points out these programs make us feel like we are doing something, at least, but are a waste of money.

I would go further. I think they actually increase the number of people who use “suicide threats” as negotiating tools, and then through the intervention of family, counselors, and teachers find themselves in the Emergency Department of Hospitals being assessed by nurses, emergency doctors, social workers, and often the psychiatrist-on-call over a three hour to three-day period. This uses up our resources and poses the risk of inuring these front-line professionals to true suicide risk.

The number of people who actually kill themselves each year is remarkably stable. We know it goes down in wartime, increases in peacetime…

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