On World Bipolar Day: Thoughts On the Partner Who Loves Me

Ah, to be touched by fire….

Transformative Spaces

Today is World Bipolar Day, and as someone whose life changed for the better upon opening up about my own condition, I feel the need to speak to the moment.

Over the course of surviving my condition — one that has proven fatal for many — I’ve been to the brink and back many times. Before being properly diagnosed, I was often completely adrift. My anger had no shut off valve and my sadness, which seemed to function beyond all comfort, could only be dulled. When my world became too dark or colorless, I would retreat into my own mind, and live there, writing stories in my head, abusing drugs, and ignoring everything that overwhelmed me — which meant ignoring most of life.

From memories of better times, to the theatrics of my imagination, there were plenty of places to hide. And whether it was the mess in my apartment…

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