What did Claypool recommend to principals?

I thought Claypool was trying to empty a dry glass!

Apples 2 Apples in Chicago Public Schools

Part 1 about the meetings held with principals regarding budget cuts is here.

Claypool and the CPS Central Office staff held meetings with selected principals and not all principals. This is not unusual when the District is trying to vet potentially bad news with schools, principals, teachers and parents. They gather the equivalent of a focus group together to test out how they are communicating the bad news, get feedback, get ideas, etc. So if you’re wondering why some principals were given information and some weren’t, that explains why.

It was interesting to hear some of the ideas that Claypool and his staff “floated” with attendee principals, especially his idea of schools needing to “fill the glass.”

Let me explain what I was told that this means.

Claypool is under the assumption/impression that classes are not as full as they could be, nor are schools making the most of every…

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