Harambe the Gorilla and Mental Illness

Maybe if we eat more bananas…

Mind You

By Marvin Ross

Like many, I was saddened to see Harambe shot. Was he helping the toddler as the initial photo may have suggested or was the toddler in danger as the subsequent video suggested? I have no idea! But I am astounded that there are seven petitions out there for people to express their dismay. One petition is approaching 500,000 signatures as I write this while another is getting close to 200,000 signatures.

That’s a lot of people who want justice for the gorilla.

Sadly, there is far less of an outcry when someone with untreated mental illness gets shot by the police. According to the Washington Post, a quarter of those shot by the police in the US were mentally ill. In Canada, according to a recent documentary on police shootings, 40% of those shot by the police are in a mental health crisis.

Here is…

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melliloquent, melliloquence

Honey gives me diarrhea!


Sweet words butter no bread. But they may put honey on your crumpets, and isn’t that even a little bit better?

Who doesn’t want to have a bit of blarney, a silver tongue, the power to charm with shimmering lexis and lithe syntax? Well, I guess some people don’t – there are those who pride themselves in being plain-spoken. But even plain speech can have the power of persuasion, and some of the sweetest words are direct and unadorned.

What, in fact, is the key characteristic of honey-tongued speech? Is it apposite use of adjectives and epithets? Is it careful control of the phonemes and rhythms? Is it striking use of imagery? Is it flattery of the addressee? Which of these is the sweetest sentence: “The sight and sound of you pulls me like iron filings to a rare earth magnet”; “You are a cross of the best parts of…

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American Grocery List

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NO TIF FOR THE RICH: Build something more affordable!


From Ward 46 Newsletter


Next Tuesday, June 21, the Maryville project will go before the City Council Finance Committee, and then, if it passes, for a full vote before the entire City Council the following day. This is a $15.8M TIF development that is located entirely on tax-exempt property, and therefore has no money available in it until a development is built and begins to create tax revenue. Approximately one-third of this TIF amount will go toward rehabbing the Clarendon Park Community Center, which is the only way funding for this can be obtained.

Approximately another third of this TIF will go toward rental subsidies for people with extremely low incomes, the ones who are most at risk for becoming homeless. Because on-site affordable housing is for people earning 50% of the area median income or more, people who are currently living with homelessness would likely never meet the income requirements to live at this development. CHA is not allowed to provide units for this development because the poverty rate is too high for this census tract.

The developer will pay the costs upfront for the Clarendon Park Community Center and the contribution to the Low Income Housing Trust Fund. Once this TIF has been paid off, this property will be on the tax rolls for the first time since 1939. To view the plans for this site, http://james46.org/projects/46th-ward-zoning-development-committee/.”

On Adolescent Suicide

Food for thought!

Mind You

By Dr David Laing Dawson

Adolescent suicide is a tragic event. It can have a devastating and life long impact on others: parents, siblings, teachers, relatives, counselors, friends.

Five Woodstock, Ontario  teens have taken their own lives since January this year. A very high number for a small community.

If this were a cluster of deaths from respiratory causes we would surely investigate with a team comprised of a respirologist, an epidemiologist, and the public health officer.

Thus our first step here should logically be an investigation by an epidemiologist, a  psychiatrist, and the public health department. Let us first see if these deaths are a result of undetected, untreated mental illness, if the teens know one another in real life or through social media, if they are all browsing the same toxic websites, or if each has been the target of bullying or something worse, or a combination of…

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Paths Of Choices and Chance



Have you ever woken up with the desire to give everything around you the proverbial bird?

This past Monday started out this way. My alarmgoes off. It gets the proverbial bird. I tripover ashoe on the way to the bathroom. It gets the proverbialbird. My computeris slow as dirt when I try to enter my first class. It gets the proverbial bird. My favorite breakfast protein baris eaten byananonymous family member. The entire kitchengets the proverbialbird.

Bad moods are out of character for me butthis morningis just too much for me to process.One reason being itis Carrie’s 43rd birthday-aday that normally would have been celebrated with an inappropriate amount of wine and ice cream cake.Second reason beingitis the first Monday on my own since we lost Abby.

After teaching my last class, I come dangerously close to crawling back into bed for a nap. Thoughts of laying my head…

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Community Mental Health Board Monthly Meeting

Our next meeting is Monday, June 20, 2016 at 11:00 and to 1:00 pm. We appreciate public participation in this important issue regarding the Chicago Public Mental Health Clinics.

Chicago Mental Health Advocates

When:  Monday, January 26, 2015

Time:   11:00 am to 1:00 pm

Where: Chicago Department of Public Health, Depaul Center
333 S. State Street, 2nd floor Board Room.

The objectives of the BOARD are to: (1) Work toward the establishment and maintenance of community-based mental health centers throughout the City of Chicago; (2) Independently and/or in cooperation with others take all the necessary action to see that such community mental health centers are located, staffed, and equipped, so as to provide, maximum service to all people within the City of Chicago who may need mental health services; (3) On its own initiative or at the request of others, consult with and make recommendations to the responsible officers in the Division of Mental Health, Department of Public Health, the Board of Health, the City of Chicago, the Health Systems Agency, and the State of Illinois, or any interested federal department or…

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