Paths Of Choices and Chance



Have you ever woken up with the desire to give everything around you the proverbial bird?

This past Monday started out this way. My alarmgoes off. It gets the proverbial bird. I tripover ashoe on the way to the bathroom. It gets the proverbialbird. My computeris slow as dirt when I try to enter my first class. It gets the proverbial bird. My favorite breakfast protein baris eaten byananonymous family member. The entire kitchengets the proverbialbird.

Bad moods are out of character for me butthis morningis just too much for me to process.One reason being itis Carrie’s 43rd birthday-aday that normally would have been celebrated with an inappropriate amount of wine and ice cream cake.Second reason beingitis the first Monday on my own since we lost Abby.

After teaching my last class, I come dangerously close to crawling back into bed for a nap. Thoughts of laying my head…

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