No Selfies, I


I capture time
In my camera
On a SIM card
For my future.

Sometimes I delete ugly or blurry memories.
Sometimes I never look at them.
Sometimes I Photoshop them
And recolor them as I want them to look.

I hardly ever print them;
I hide them in my camera.
When I look, I can’t see me behind the lens
Just light, color, darkness and other people.

As the invisible observer,
I do not play, laugh or cry.
My camera protects me
And lets me control life’s risks.


Rusty’s Life, Just Like Mental Illness Recovery

You don’t know what you’re missing until you’re there!



This Labor Day, Let’s Commit to Wiping Out the Charity Model for All People With Disabilities in Our Lifetime

My favorite line, “Save us from the people who would save us.”

Tales From the Crip

The medical model of disability would keep us separated by diagnoses — different and disconnected — but the social model can bring us together — unique and united — through common concerns for our rights.
This Labor Day weekend has me feeling celebratory because there’s no Muscular Dystrophy Association (MDA) Telethon on the air for the first time in 49 years.
This is great. If you’ve got that particular diagnosis. If you don’t, you may still have a problem. If, say, you’re diagnosed with autism.
People with autism are still dealing with the same dynamic of destructive messages in the fundraising that purports to help them.
Criticizing how funds are raised generates a whole lot of anger if the critics are among those who are said to benefit from the efforts.  That’s why cross-disability solidarity, disability history, and telling our own stories are so important. The medical model of…

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Donald J Trump and the Speech Patterns of 14 Year Olds

I often wonder how much of our population is stunted in their 14-year-old mind frame!

Mind You

By Dr David Laing Dawson

When I was 16 I bought an LP of my favourite band with money earned at a Saturday job in a Sporting Goods store. I’m sure this purchase did not have a great impact on the music industry.

Today though, the taste and preferences of the 12 to 16 year old demographic does have impact on this industry, much to my chagrin.

George W. Bush tried to speak like an adult. He tried to use big words at times, and reasonable sentence structure. He tried even though he often made a mess of it, combining two words and inventing a third, missing the negative qualifiers and thus saying the opposite of what he meant, turning verbs into nouns, nouns into verbs.

Obama speaks as an adult, his considered words and good syntax presumably reflecting the manner in which he thinks.

The latter clause is an…

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July 2016 Repair Clinic


One of the things that hit me this month is that introverts generally make the best repairers. Pretty much all of our regular volunteers are on the quiet side, but are thoughtful and open to suggestions and can sit and fidget with something for hours to find the right solution. I’m so grateful to all of you for your dedication, crazy problem solving skills, and just generally for making this project possible for over four years! These clinics do a heart and brain good each month.

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Chicago Principals Speak Out on CPS Budget Cuts

“We need to remember that (1) CPS is spending over a half billion dollars in unnecessary new school construction (the student population in CPS is decreasing) in order to support and maintain school segregation , (2) the city has access to hundreds of millions of TIF dollars that could be used to plug its budget gaps but is instead giving it away to wealthy developers, and (3) CPS is expanding spending on privatization of custodians and engineers with companies principals have complained about for years. In the face of these facts, the decision by CPS officials to cut school funding is particularly unethical.”

Power concedes ....

CPS principals respond to the misleading narrative that “principals are relieved” after avoiding “doomsday” budget cuts

What did principals say after Wednesday’s budget meeting?

“This budget will definitely have a negative impact at the classroom level.”

“The papers they gave us did not match the actual deficits when we opened our real budgets.”

“The repeated statement that the cuts are being kept ‘away from the classroom’ is maddening.”

“It’s like being in an abusive relationship.”

“They got a cookie, took a huge bite, left us the crumbs….”

“This budget is just the latest manifestation of a pattern of CPS officials creating ways to take their horrible decisions and make us responsible for them.”

An ABC7 story declared that principals were “relieved” about their budgets. This narrative is far different than the feedback the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association received from our members. “Dejected” & “Insulted” were just two of the words we…

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Word count

Brevity takes time. Use words with depth!


In writing an essay, tight word count is most often the author’s friend. While you need to use (Alton Sterling) enough words to convey your (Rumain Brisbon) meaning completely, too many (Tamir Rice) words and you risk losing the reader’s attention. Akai Gurley. The rise of the longform essay, that novella-to-self, has not Kajieme Powell been a particular boon to Ezell Ford new writers. Instead of fleshing out a thought with Dante Parker more information, the longform John Crawford essay has become bloated, padded with Tyree Woodson the writer’s ego, stuffed with paid-by-phrase Eric Garner wordcount.

On the other hand, sometimes as Michael Brown a writer it is Victor White necessary (it became necessary Sandra Bland to destroy Yvette Smith the town to save it) to add McKenzie Cochran a heaviness Jordan Baker to one’s Andy Lopez words. To Miriam Carey weigh the reader Jonathan Ferrell down Carlos Alcis with…

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What Bernie Sanders Gave to America Today

Rest while you can, Independent Thinker, because this revolution takes energy and watchfulness. Take care of yourself.



Today, my hero, Bernie Sanders, endorsed Hillary Clinton, a woman that I truly believe is sociopathic, for the office of the President of the United States and then immediately the sun hid behind a cloud and it began to rain.

I was grateful for the rain.

It’s been pretty humid here for the last several days and I was in need of the empathy.

I fought back tears as I left the gym.

I am not afraid to cry.

I just prefer to do it while I am writing.

I went home and grabbed my laptop.

I knew all this fire stinging my eyes was way too complex to be worked out with a box of tissues or a ton of free weights.

I made a point to stay off social media.

I had no time for haters, turncoats or conspiracy theorists.

I drove to the coffee shop and put in…

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For Those Who Couldn’t March Today

We are not enough and we must connect with our friends to join us. Thanks for all we do!

Transformative Spaces

Today, a group of young Black women and girls led a sit-in in one of Chicago’s most popular parks, before leading thousands of community members into the streets of my city. As I type these words, many are still in the streets, demanding that Black humanity be recognized in an exploitative culture wherein Black obedience has always been enforced, on pain of torture, death or incarceration. It’s easy to understand why some of us at times feel pangs of guilt or regret when we cannot physically lend our feet and voices to such moments. Whether the impediment is a physical or geographical limitation, a matter of childcare or mental health, or any other insurmountable difficulty, our absence can feel like a failure of solidarity.

It’s understandable that we would identify being physically present as an essential expression of love in times of struggle. And for those who can, showing up…

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Albany Cops Sound Like Abusive Spouses in Teen Workshop

This must stop!


There’s this pattern that happens with abusive spouses. They often explain to their victims how to behave so they won’t get beaten up again. All the victim needs to do is give them proper respect, not burn their dinner, remember to leave out their slippers at the right place, never buy the wrong brand of toothpaste, never make them feel like they are being laughed at, never give them attitude or make them mad. And then, supposedly, they’ll be safe.

Of course, the abuser is not actually owed any of those things in the first place. And in any case, it’s always a lie. It’s a losing game. The abuse will continue, because periodic reminders of control are necessary and because the abuser will keep finding new things to add to the reasons they were “forced” to administer a beating.

This was one of the first things I thought of when I heard…

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