Chicago Principals Speak Out on CPS Budget Cuts

“We need to remember that (1) CPS is spending over a half billion dollars in unnecessary new school construction (the student population in CPS is decreasing) in order to support and maintain school segregation , (2) the city has access to hundreds of millions of TIF dollars that could be used to plug its budget gaps but is instead giving it away to wealthy developers, and (3) CPS is expanding spending on privatization of custodians and engineers with companies principals have complained about for years. In the face of these facts, the decision by CPS officials to cut school funding is particularly unethical.”

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CPS principals respond to the misleading narrative that “principals are relieved” after avoiding “doomsday” budget cuts

What did principals say after Wednesday’s budget meeting?

“This budget will definitely have a negative impact at the classroom level.”

“The papers they gave us did not match the actual deficits when we opened our real budgets.”

“The repeated statement that the cuts are being kept ‘away from the classroom’ is maddening.”

“It’s like being in an abusive relationship.”

“They got a cookie, took a huge bite, left us the crumbs….”

“This budget is just the latest manifestation of a pattern of CPS officials creating ways to take their horrible decisions and make us responsible for them.”

An ABC7 story declared that principals were “relieved” about their budgets. This narrative is far different than the feedback the Chicago Principals and Administrators Association received from our members. “Dejected” & “Insulted” were just two of the words we…

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