Capitalism is Dead — Lew Rosenbaum

Googled ‘fascisolate’ and found this: ‘fasciculate’. I like Lew’s modernization off this archaic term that has a pertinent, immediately understandable meaning to a fascist system that isolates its victims. I quoted this verse onto Merriam Dictionary’s page under ‘fasciculate’ because I plan to make this an everyday word.

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Capitalism is Dead 

Lew Rosenbaum


Cicada time comes

In August heat, metallic

Raspy resonance

Rising and falling,

They call each other across

Neighborhoods, forests,

Screaming crescendos

Like the grinding of monumental gears

The autumn of industrial capitalism

Signaling but not aware that its winter is near

Cicadas are not aware of their end,

Killer wasps prey on adults and

Nymphs bury themselves in the soil

Or burrow in vain against the blacktop

In any case it is the end

Or at least a foreshadowing

And so it is with capitalism

For which spring will never come again.


Bright summer day drive

On June Street, Los Angeles,

Gazing at mansions

Of rich, famous and

Powerful Angelenos

Secure behind gates

Counting their money

Planning their investments to

Take over the world

Sheridan and I, riding with the windows open

Almost as wide as our mouths

Before the luxuriant gardens, pillars…

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