On Anti-Interventionist Politics and Grief for Aleppo

I’m so sad right now. Just thinking about this cruelty hurts. I will meditate on Youtube with my favorite Buddhist monk, Ajahn Brahm.

Transformative Spaces

This is a complicated moment for many with anti-interventionist politics. Do I feel differently about US military intervention in Syria than I did when I spoke up for the first time against US involvement? No. Do I carry the weight of knowing that none of us can ever be certain of anything, and that people are dying horribly right now? Yes. I do feel that weight, and I think that’s appropriate.

Reports coming out of Aleppo indicate that the city’s remaining medical practitioners are being slaughtered — if they are not dead already — and that entire families are being executed, both in the streets and in their own homes, as others voice on social media that amid the approaching sounds of explosions, they expect to be dead soon.

Only a few years ago, I stood in front of a crowd and spoke to why I did not think we should engage…

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