The day She Stopped Talking

So sad.

The Girl Who Got Away

Let’s be real
The realist as possible
Cause nothing last forever
We only tend to assume
It does!

In a morning ray of sunshine
Under the last sparkle of sun
Deep she looked into my eyes
That beautiful dark sparkle
smiled, spoke to my inner me:Forever, ma dear
is nothing but a sparkle
in your life.
A vague word to magnify presence
A fake promise
of an uncertain future actions
A whisper in the night
A light that you may never actually see
A search to perfect the present
to an unknown Future
As if it was possible…

We are simple humans
servants of a God
We seek to see
When we are gone and given back
to the land
We don’t live forever
We thrive to stick together
The pages of life
Will discord from us

With you I will
stand until
You wish me too
With you…

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