Baby Steps

This blog touched me. You followed much of my journey. My chant was, “Hell, no, we won’t go!” That was during the Vietnam War days.

Life seems full of indecent dilemmas: starve or feed the system. Most of my family still has to play. My brother gets his paycheck from Nestle. My sister has a conservative job to pay for her family’s sustenance.

My father, a very just thinker and writer, worked as a technical writer specializing in sonar systems for the Navy.

I am retired and don’t feel that I have anything to lose. I am dangerous. I have a sharp pen and a sharp mouth. I love using both of them. My friend, we are kindred spirits and cannot stir others until our passion for justice bursts from within us.

Looking to others for “trolls in the mist” seems counter-intuitive to me. I must look into myself and make sure I am never disappointed.

This is not over. This will never be over. I hope you stay in it with me, because I won’t be around that much longer. Inspire our wise youth. They will carry the flag.


The first time I marched, it was autumn. I remember sitting very still, cross-legged, on the basketball court, chanting HELL NO, WE WON’T GO, WE WON’T FIGHT FOR TEXACO. 

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