HUD Audit Finds CHA Non-compliant with Federal Regulations

Nothing’s changed and the homeless population continues to grow! C’mon Feds, make CHA comply!


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HUD Audit Finds CHA Non-compliant with Federal Regulations

Source: HUD Audit Finds CHA Non-compliant with Federal Regulations

Families, Privacy and Hospital Suicides

Toxic family members have no place in a person’s recovery except to stay away from them. Please help your clients deal with these permanent losses. I am glad that my therapists worked on skills to help me deal with my depression and anxiety!

Mind You

By Marvin Ross

One of the constant themes in my writing of mental illness is the need to involve the family. And so, when I read a lengthy account of the suicide of a young 20 year old girl that appeared in my local paper, what jumped out at me was that she had requested that her family not be involved with her illness or treatment. She wanted to spare the family grief and, it seems that the doctors went along with her.

The young girl had a number of suicide attempts while in hospital and the family was told none of it. Dr Peter Cook, one of the psychiatrists, told the newspaper that “We were obligated to protect the privacy of Nicole. She was an adult.” The other shrink said that confidentiality between patient and doctor is “sacrosanct.” Nicole did not want to share her medical information with her…

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On Getting Our Shit Together: A Letter to the Left

Everything we don’t do hurts our causes. Our consciences are out accountability checkers.

Transformative Spaces

19466621_1938799263000085_8845485528896650523_o Attendees shake hands and share ideas at a health care vigil in Chicago on June 27, 2017. (Photo: Jim Pearson)

Dear fellow lefties,

Like many of you, I spent most of Saturday shaking and grieving. For those involved with movement work, who have watched motorists menace and even strike protesters in the past, these events were not wholly surprising, but one doesn’t need to be surprised by a blow to be injured by it. The violence of white supremacy is always with us, but this weekend, those who would kill us if they could sought to show us that they can. They created a spectacle of hatred and violence to make themselves known and felt. And I know the next time a march veers off a sidewalk in my city, the image of those brave people, being thrown through the air, after being struck by a murderer’s vehicle, will be…

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