Ventra cards. Treating the elderly and the disabled like crap. A Rahm idea.

Yep. I experienced this disrespect, too!

Fred Klonsky

Rahm Emanuel

Rahm/Ventra rant.

When I use my senior reduced fare ventra card, I have always just kept it in my wallet and the scanner reads it and says, “go.”
Suddenly a Ventra charge started appearing on my Mastercard bill. Because my Ventra card wasn’t working.

Interesting that you don’t actually need a Ventra card. Apparently, a Mastercard with a chip works just as well, but I was being charged regular, not reduced fare.

I called the RTA number on the Ventra card.

After 10 minutes, I talked to someone who told me to call Ventra.

I called Ventra.

I was told to call RTA.

This was becoming one of those moments.

The woman at RTA told me that if I ordered a new card by phone, they would mail it and I would have to fill out a form and I would be charged a fee for a new card because…

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