A Patient Episcopal Priest, A Starlit Path, and Abby’s Ninth Birthday

Thank you for reminding me of the importance of being a “work in progress.” Merry Christmas!


The day after Thanksgiving, I accompanied my brother-in-law, Odie, a newly retired Episcopal priest, to a Christmas tree farm.  It’s late fall in New England so although I was enthusiastic about going, I did half-expect a National Lampoon Christmas Vacationish scenario. Particularly the scene where Clark gathers the family around the tree in the woods, says, “Isn’t it a beaut, Audrey?” and Ellen pipes in with,”She’ll see it later, honey. Her eyes are frozen.”

Evidently I have seen that movie one too many times because the day wound up being unseasonably warm.

Shortly after the farm opened for business, we began to methodically walk amongst the Christmas trees, carefully tagging the ones we deemed just right, commenting on the others. That one is nice but the trunk is too thick. That one is too tall. That one’s needles are too hard. The top on that one is…

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