From Books not Bombs to Books not Bullets

Taking to the streets is democratic! Viva la revolution!

The Word Alive and Active

From Books not Bombs to Books not Bullets

Daniel Lichtenstein-Boris

Fifteen years ago, thousands of high school and college students at hundreds of campuses across the country went on strike—walking out of class against the looming war in Iraq, in a movement called Books not Bombs.

President George W. Bush, falsely declaring that the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was a terrorist threat and was building weapons of mass destruction.  He set his sights on invasion and occupation, to finish a war his father had started.  The US we were still shocked and scared, l reeling from the attacks of September 11th, planned and executed by Osama Bin Laden, a member of the Saudi royal family (U.S. troops had been stationed in Saudi Arabia since the first Gulf War), and the U.S. media dutifully repeated Bush’s lies of Iraqi’s weapons of mass destruction, whipping the public into hysteria and…

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