A New Year’s Blockade Outside a Child Detention Camp

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(Photo: Christmas in Tornillo)

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Around 6:00 p.m. on New Year’s Eve, activists with Christmas in Tornillo: The Occupation set up a blockade during a shift change that halted 20 charter buses carrying workers into the Tornillo detention camp. Organizers of the protest say 3,000 children are being held at the detention camp, which activists refer to as a “concentration camp.”

The blockade included a Christmas Tree made from water jugs that had been slashed by border control and numerous containers of water. The jugs were originally placed in the desert to help migrants survive their journey to the United States. Organizers say jugs were recovered by No Más Muertes after being destroyed by border control.

The shift change was disrupted for an hour by the blockade before police turned the buses around. When the police attempted to remove the blockade…

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