America Is Getting Bamboozled With Betsy Devos! She Is All In On The True Agenda: Cradle To Grave Workforces Of Tomorrow

Rebel? We’ve been rebelling for years. Nothing short of a full-blown revolution will do. There will be many casualties, and some of us will survive. This is more than who will survive with a revolution!

Exceptional Delaware

It’s real easy to play Monday morning quarterback after your team just took a huge hit.  Donald Trump promised (and fooled) many citizens into thinking he could get rid of Common Core.  So much so that his pick for Secretary of Education is now backtracking on her years of actions financially supporting Common Core.  She sits on Jeb Bush’s Foundation for Excellence in Education.  This foundation LOVES Common Core and all that comes with it.  DeVos, through the Betsy and Steve DeVos Foundation, poured millions of dollars into pro-Common Core candidates.

On some Betsy DeVos Question and Answer website that sprung out of nowhere, she denounces Common Core.  This website was created on 8/16/16, but her picture was just added this month.  This isn’t some long-time website that shows the DeVos denunciation of Common Core.  This website was created specifically for the possibility of a Trump win.  Why would anyone put…

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From Books not Bombs to Books not Bullets

Taking to the streets is democratic! Viva la revolution!

The Word Alive and Active

From Books not Bombs to Books not Bullets

Daniel Lichtenstein-Boris

Fifteen years ago, thousands of high school and college students at hundreds of campuses across the country went on strike—walking out of class against the looming war in Iraq, in a movement called Books not Bombs.

President George W. Bush, falsely declaring that the Iraqi dictator Saddam Hussein was a terrorist threat and was building weapons of mass destruction.  He set his sights on invasion and occupation, to finish a war his father had started.  The US we were still shocked and scared, l reeling from the attacks of September 11th, planned and executed by Osama Bin Laden, a member of the Saudi royal family (U.S. troops had been stationed in Saudi Arabia since the first Gulf War), and the U.S. media dutifully repeated Bush’s lies of Iraqi’s weapons of mass destruction, whipping the public into hysteria and…

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Moving From “Not Me” To The Courage And Love Of Solidarity

The Word Alive and Active

Jan 27 2018

I am writing to ask you to join me in building a movement for respect and dignity and the human right to health and sanctity of life.

I moved back to LA on Labor Day weekend, after more than six years (again) in Chicago.  It was my second weekend in LA—Saturday, September 9th.  I had just left a meeting of Democratic Socialists of America’s healthcare committee when I encountered a hospital patient half naked in a wheelchair, medical bracelet strapped around his left arm, dying on the sidewalk in the late summer heat wave.

I joined the Healthcare Committee because I support the human right to health.  If we let our neighbors die, if we turn our heads to others suffering, it is only a matter of time before we become callous, hardened, cold, and indifferent.  We roll up our windows; everything is fine, as…

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Honduras: Resistance, Repression, and Refugees

Scary times, and from my viewpoint, scarier sill because the MAGA regime mirrors this behavior in the Good Ole USA!

The Word Alive and Active

I traveled to Honduras as an international human rights observer with La Voz de Los de Abajo to document rights violations during the November 26, 2017 national election.

As a labor, peace, human, and civil rights organizer in the United States, I’ve seen a wide range of elections and political assemblies.  The level of fraud, conflict, and intimidation I have seen across the United States for the past twenty years is nothing compared to the degree of political conflict I witnessed in eight days in Honduras.


In 2009, the Honduran military kidnapped the elected President of Honduras, Manuel “Mel” Zayala, and flew him to a US military airstrip on Honduran territory, and then out of the country; it was a Coup d’état.  Congressman Juan Orlando Hernandez (JOH), leader of the Nationalist Party, which held a congressional majority, voted to remove “Mel” Zayala from office.  Coup supporters argued that…

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Interview with Matthew Lawler

Interview with Matthew, apoet for all times

Madness Muse Press LLC

Interview with Matthew Lawler

Matthew J. Lawler is a poet and Chicago original. He grew up on the Northwest Side of the city (Irving/Albany Park) and began scrawling poems on napkins while walking home from Von Steuben High School in Albany Park. He has been published in numerous journals, including, Sick Lit Magazine, The Miscreant, Caravel, Tuck, Visual Verse, Dissident Voice, Scarlet Leaf Review, Eunoia Review, Spillwords, and Peeking Cat Magazine. He was recently published in the anthology “Illinois’s Best Emerging Poets,” put out by Z Publishing. His work has  also been made into videopoems. His writing is both narrative and philosophical. He can be found performing at various open mics throughout Chicago. You can also find more of his work on Facebook at or Instagram @poetmjl

Q: When did you start writing?

A: Originally I started writing raps in the 7th grade.  I grew up in the golden era…

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A Patient Episcopal Priest, A Starlit Path, and Abby’s Ninth Birthday

Thank you for reminding me of the importance of being a “work in progress.” Merry Christmas!


The day after Thanksgiving, I accompanied my brother-in-law, Odie, a newly retired Episcopal priest, to a Christmas tree farm.  It’s late fall in New England so although I was enthusiastic about going, I did half-expect a National Lampoon Christmas Vacationish scenario. Particularly the scene where Clark gathers the family around the tree in the woods, says, “Isn’t it a beaut, Audrey?” and Ellen pipes in with,”She’ll see it later, honey. Her eyes are frozen.”

Evidently I have seen that movie one too many times because the day wound up being unseasonably warm.

Shortly after the farm opened for business, we began to methodically walk amongst the Christmas trees, carefully tagging the ones we deemed just right, commenting on the others. That one is nice but the trunk is too thick. That one is too tall. That one’s needles are too hard. The top on that one is…

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The False Paradise of School Privatization

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Create a perfect world!

Go ahead! Don’t be shy!

What kind of government would you like? Republic, Monarchy, Dictatorship, Anarchy? Some combination or original system?

It’s all up to you.

How would you structure the economy? Capitalistic, Socialistic, Communistic? Something else?

You decide.

What would a family look like in your perfect world? How would careers be prepared for and chosen? What level of technology would you choose?

All these and more must be answered when creating the ideal community for you and I to live in.

It’s what Sir Thomas Moore famously did in his 1516 novel Utopia” about an impossible “best state” for civil society.

And it’s what I had my 7th grade students do last week in preparation for reading Lois Lowery’s contemporary science fiction novel, “The Giver.”

In small groups, my little ones clustered together at their tables and gave social planning a go.

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