Remembering 9/11/2001 – Pilot Terror

By Kathy Powers

Infinite reports immerse our senses,
Colossal towers melt to charred rubble,
Mighty radio transmitters relay immutable silence
Abandoned cars populate parking lot cemeteries.

A voiceless nation mutely scrambles,
Prepares never-used trauma stations,
Collects unneeded blood and organs:
Powdered remains need no nourishment.

Skyjackers, people-erasers expunge
Big Apple’s workforce to DNA dust.
Vapors spew acrid breath over
Body-part raindrops.

Tacit pandemonium watchers, struck dumb in awe,
Monitor newspeak and comprehend not,
Why terrorists airbrush NYC’s skyline in
Smoldering, sooty, steely, smoked down.

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