The Russian Obfuscation

Hillary did it; Bernie did it; the GOP did it, the Russians did it; Satan did it; Crowdstrike confirmed that the Russians did it, yet, “The DNC servers at the center of this controversy were never turned over to the FBI for forensic investigation.”

If you believe any of this Putinesque sleight of hand, eventually you will be disappointed! Not because the Russians did or didn’t do it, but because we cannot our legislators not to sell us to the highest bidder to stockpile personal wealth.

What is indisputable is that we cannot and do not trust our officials with the power and responsibilities to which we consigned them. Legislators do not make sure people have affordable housing  (that means what a person can afford to pay without being financially burdened), do not ensure health, food, humans services, public education, for the general welfare AND a decent quality of the life for all persons in this country.

Trust issuesThe mistrust of the people is duly earned by the smoke, mirrors, rhetoric, and dog-and-pony shows to keep us quiet. The status quo has overrun its course, and if our leaders do not ease our suffering, pay their fair share of taxes, and re-earn the trust lost from the horrendous acts inflicted upon us, the revolution in the United States will make the Bastille look like a birthday party!


Remembering 9/11/2001 – Pilot Terror

By Kathy Powers

Infinite reports immerse our senses,
Colossal towers melt to charred rubble,
Mighty radio transmitters relay immutable silence
Abandoned cars populate parking lot cemeteries.

A voiceless nation mutely scrambles,
Prepares never-used trauma stations,
Collects unneeded blood and organs:
Powdered remains need no nourishment.

Skyjackers, people-erasers expunge
Big Apple’s workforce to DNA dust.
Vapors spew acrid breath over
Body-part raindrops.

Tacit pandemonium watchers, struck dumb in awe,
Monitor newspeak and comprehend not,
Why terrorists airbrush NYC’s skyline in
Smoldering, sooty, steely, smoked down.

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