White Supremacy (Overt & Covert)

Thought provoking. I’ll have to study this for awhile. There are so many things here that cross so many respect lines!

Radical Discipleship

A helpful visual on race floating around social media:

White Supremacy Visual

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Have A Scary Laugh: Was Watching Fox News and …

Who bound him to his wheelchair. I hear there’s a lot of that going around. Disgraceful!


Wow! Reincarnation is real!


The Ugly Duchess (also known as A Grotesque Old Woman) is a satirical portrait painted by the Flemish artist Quentin Matsys around 1513.

The painting is in oil on an oak panel, and measures 62.4 by 45.5 cm.[1] It shows a grotesque old woman with wrinkled skin and withered breasts. She wears the aristocratic horned headdress of her youth, out of fashion by the time of the painting, and holds in her right hand a red flower, then a symbol of engagement, indicating that she is trying to attract a suitor. However, it has been described as a bud that will ‘likely never blossom’. The work is Matsys’ best-known painting.[2]

And for (((Charles Krauthammer))) we have this:


Charles Krauthammer (/ˈkraʊt.hæmər/; born March 13, 1950) is an American syndicated columnist, author, political commentator, and non-practicing physician whose weekly column is syndicated to more than 400…

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The Fallacy of Boats

Stroke, stroke, sunstroke!


The temperature here is set to reach a hundred degrees by the end of the week, and we’re the lucky ones. In some parts of the country, it’s too hot for airplanes to fly. On days like this my dad used to throw us in the truck and head out to the lake, his scratched-up driftboat in the bed and us with our thighs stuck to the hot vinyl seats in the front. I remember being so small, kneeling in the curved belly of the boat while my father rowed, one eye on the sky for July thunderstorms. “Sit still, mae-mae,” he’d remind me. “Don’t rock the boat.”

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Rauner is beatable—if Democrats don’t self-destruct

Rauner has to go!



Don’t get cocky, Democrats. The donkey party is still quite capable of throwing away the 2018 gubernatorial election.

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HUD Audit Finds CHA Non-compliant with Federal Regulations

Now CHA wants to put a Target on CHA property ON the community room and parking lot at Caroline Hedger Senior Building in Rogers Park at Sheridan and Devon. The local businesses are furious and the residents, too! Although the red-tape business is not finalized, construction equipment already on the property to dig int! Do we pay our taxes to lease land to profit-making organizations or to assist our seniors?

West Side Section 3 and Resident Owned Businesses

Chicago Housing Authority residents and activists alike have long criticized the CHA for failing to support resident-owned businesses (ROBs) and to increase resident employment.

The agency was once a leader in both areas. That declined with the so-called HUD takeover in the 1990s. By 2010, the agency had no record of its once large contingent of ROBs; there were no resident-management corporations at all.

Both public housing residents and community activists have long complained about these failures (for example, see our blog entry of  April 28, 2012 for a link to a video of the March, 2011 CHA board meeting). Congressman Danny Davis listened to residents’ complaints and pursued the agency about its efforts. In fact, the 7th Congressional District Business Group was established in part to respond to the failure of local government to include residents of poor, black communities in local public works, contracting and employment.

Earlier this year…

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Quebec City – On You Trump

“Kristallnacht,” the “Night of Broken Glass,” because the streets were covered with broken glass from all the Jewish windows.

Mind You

By Dr David Laing Dawson

Mr. Trump, this is on you.

Every country in the world has a few young men capable of committing a mass murder. They are angry; they blame others for their failures; they nurse grudges; they are easily caught up in conspiracies; they rebel against any authority; they lap up the hatred of others; they spend much of their time lamenting about the state of the world while drinking beer or snorting cocaine late into the night; they are unsuccessful with women. They deeply fear the world of adult responsibility. They play first person shooter video games. They like guns. They harbor racist grievances. Some are “loners” as the newspaper will call them, but this usually means a mental disorder that limits their ability to engage face to face with others, and allows them to build a delusional world view from other sources. Of course the…

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