The earth will remain long after profit poisons it! Somehow, that consoles me. Perhaps a different beginning?


Earth. The soil, the ground, the surface, the orb of the planet, the world, the full expanse of our being, the people and places of it. All the worth, all the mirth, all that has a birth or a berth, every heart and every hearth, every dear and every dearth and every death, and every tongue and hand and eye and ear: earthlings all, all on the earth, of the earth. Compassed in this short word for the soil that holds us together, five letters but (for most speakers) only two sounds: a sustaining liquid /ɹ/ and a soft dusty fricative /θ/.

Liquid and dust. Water and soil. This is the surface of the earth. But it is also two of the four “elements”: earth, air, fire, water. A heuristic way of conceptualizing, but of course three of those things contain many elements and the other is a process that…

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I learned a new (old) useful word today.


It is a season of much asperity.

Yes, there is, as Samuel Johnson wrote in The Rambler, “The nakedness and asperity of the wintry world.” But there is also, as he wrote another time in the same periodical, much “Quickness of resentment and asperity of reply” – if not in our personal daily lives, then certainly in the larger world. (Thanks to the OED for the quotes.) As we traipse through the precipitation, we could aspire to something much more auspicious: prosperity, sincerity, perhaps a party (or parties). Something to leave a better taste in the mouth.

Taste? To me, asperity has a clear taste, and that taste is the taste of Aspirin. Have you every chewed an Aspirin? It is acetylsalycylic acid, and as such is as sour as ascorbic or acetic acid (vitamin C or vinegar), but since Aspirin also contains cornstarch, hypromellose, powdered cellulose, and triacetin…

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The day She Stopped Talking

So sad.

The Girl Who Got Away

Let’s be real
The realist as possible
Cause nothing last forever
We only tend to assume
It does!

In a morning ray of sunshine
Under the last sparkle of sun
Deep she looked into my eyes
That beautiful dark sparkle
smiled, spoke to my inner me:Forever, ma dear
is nothing but a sparkle
in your life.
A vague word to magnify presence
A fake promise
of an uncertain future actions
A whisper in the night
A light that you may never actually see
A search to perfect the present
to an unknown Future
As if it was possible…

We are simple humans
servants of a God
We seek to see
When we are gone and given back
to the land
We don’t live forever
We thrive to stick together
The pages of life
Will discord from us

With you I will
stand until
You wish me too
With you…

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On Anti-Interventionist Politics and Grief for Aleppo

I’m so sad right now. Just thinking about this cruelty hurts. I will meditate on Youtube with my favorite Buddhist monk, Ajahn Brahm.

Transformative Spaces

This is a complicated moment for many with anti-interventionist politics. Do I feel differently about US military intervention in Syria than I did when I spoke up for the first time against US involvement? No. Do I carry the weight of knowing that none of us can ever be certain of anything, and that people are dying horribly right now? Yes. I do feel that weight, and I think that’s appropriate.

Reports coming out of Aleppo indicate that the city’s remaining medical practitioners are being slaughtered — if they are not dead already — and that entire families are being executed, both in the streets and in their own homes, as others voice on social media that amid the approaching sounds of explosions, they expect to be dead soon.

Only a few years ago, I stood in front of a crowd and spoke to why I did not think we should engage…

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Why We Need the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation More than Ever

Keep the news pure!

Mind You

By Dr David Laing Dawson

Hungary is swinging to the right, on the verge of fascism. Far right parties are gaining in much of Europe. Trump is the next president of the USA. The pendulum has been prodded in the direction of tribalism by a wave of migrants and, I would venture to guess, the Internet.

I wondered how it would appear in Canada. And it seems to have arrived in the form of Kellie Leitch with her proposed test for “Canadian Values”, and now her wish to dismantle the CBC.

The CBC. What timing. We have suddenly arrived in an age some are calling “post-truth”. False news can be disseminated as quickly and widely as real news. The New York Times is competing with a kid in Moldavia on his I Mac. And his news is always more interesting, more sensational. To compete with this kid, the National Enquirer…

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On Beating Extinction and Refusing Eviction: A Letter to #NoDAPL’s Frontline

I deeply share your prayers!

Transformative Spaces

20161119_115044 Chicagoans shut down a Citibank branch in solidarity with #NoDAPL. (Photo: Kelly Hayes)

I write these words on what’s a cold night in my city, and a much colder night where my heart is — with my friends in Standing Rock. My writing, which typically centers movements, often sways between news and analysis. My coverage of #NoDAPL has been no exception. But this piece is neither news nor analysis, because these words are for you, my people, for our Protectors and resistors — for those who aren’t seeking to be heroes, but who are nonetheless members of heroic movements and communities.

To you I write these words, on the night the governor of North Dakota has issued you an eviction notice, like so many notices issued to so many displaced people. One of the ironic distinctions of course, is that marginalized people are usually pushed out into the cold by…

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On Donald Trump and White Leftists Who Want to Build Bridges

My favorite bridge was the one built by Native Americans to get to Turtle Island on Thanksgiving! #NoDAPL #StandingRock #NoGenocide

Transformative Spaces

I have seen a number of posts on social media urging people on the left not to write off everyone who elected Trump as racist or misogynistic. We need to connect with some of those people, we’re told, as their decisions were grounded in despair and disillusionment. I have some thoughts to share with those who would make such arguments. These thoughts come from a place of love, but please understand that I mean every word.
To me, there is no distinction between racism that is named as such, because it fits some obvious social mold, and the brand of racism practiced by those who are out for their own white selves, and simply don’t care if some of us live or die, whether refugees drown at sea or for lack of safer space, or whether Black people are gunned down by police with impunity in cities around the country…

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