Mental Health Supplemental Appropriation

The Division of Mental Health within the Illinois Department of Human Services determined that insufficient revenue in certain funds following passage of the FY13 budget existed. Mental health crisis programs and psychiatric services experienced unintended cuts of $12 million because of this revenue shortfall. The supplemental appropriation restored these cuts and prevented further cuts to the behavioral health services.

Across Illinois, supportive housing programs serving individuals and families experiencing homelessness and with disabilities wait for $2.986 million that lawmakers appropriated last spring and did not release because the appropriations bill mistakenly omitted the words “and mental health.” The Department of Human Services, therefore, did not have the authority to spend that money. The supplemental appropriation changed to language to, “The sum of $34,450,000, or so much thereof as may be necessary, is appropriated from the Health and Human Services Medicaid Trust Fund for awards and grants to developmental disabilities and mental health programs.” The language fix does not take funds away from other programs or services, but merely gives the Department of Human Services the authority to spend on supportive housing program.

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